西門館 / Ximen /

Wooden Rose | Waiting for travelers to return home.

Located in the most prosperous West District of Taipei City – Ximending Business District,
In addition to gathering the latest trendy youth culture,
At the same time, you can also feel the rich history of this area, which is a mixture of old and new.
In addition, Wannian Commercial Building, Wuchang Movie Street, Ximen Red Building,
The authentic Taiwanese snacks along the street are Ximen specialties not to be missed.

站前館 / Taipei Station /

Leisurely Rose | Find leisure and tranquility while traveling.

Located in the transportation hub of Taipei, it not only has the geographical advantage of being co-constructed by three railways,
They gather together for food, fun, and wait for the romance of the night.
Enjoy the beautiful time in the city at your most leisurely pace,
Let travelers feel as comfortable and convenient as returning home, and provide the most meticulous care.

中山館 / Zhongshan /

Intoxicated Rose | Like the sweet dream of a traveler returning home.

Located in the corner of an alley, next to the green Linsen Park,
Taiwan’s representative Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Contemporary Art Museum, International Art Village,
Huashan Prairie, etc., the bustling Zhongshan MRT station business district, and the Ningxia Night Market,
which can be called a gourmet palace, are all within easy reach.
Allowing you to deeply understand the cultural essence of Taipei's combination of tradition and modernity at any time.

新生館 / Xinsheng /

Look for calm Rose | Just like the comfort and tranquility of home.

Hidden in an alley, it blends in with the surrounding quiet residences.
Show the tranquility of ease and stability. Leaving the quiet lane, there is another paradise outside.
The MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng Business District, which is just around the corner,
is the central hub of the city with connections in all directions.Convenient for one-day city tour arrangements.
Feel the cultural essence of Taipei, the creative city,
The Huashan Cultural and Creative Park, five minutes away, offers a wealth of design feasts.

雙城館 / Shuangcheng /

Warm Rose | Feel the warmth of home.

Although it is located in an alley of Shuangcheng Street, the surrounding functions are quite convenient.
It is only a 7-minute walk from Zhongshan Elementary School MRT Station.
The 24-hour food street in Shuangcheng Qingguang Commercial District and nearby businesses are right next to it,
and there are many good choices for delicious food.