西門館 / Ximen /

Rose Boutique Hotel, decorated with the wooden texture, is like your home away from home

As a nest is to the migratory birds, the Ximen Branch of Rose Boutique Hotel is to the travelers around the world. The Ximen Branch is decorated with the wooden texture. The lobby is composed of the natural elements such as wood and stone accompanied by the chandelier in the form of a bird nest. The relaxing and peaceful warm welcomes every guest.

站前館 / Taipei Station /

It’s ok to walk, don’t run. Slow pace living of rose-Restaurant style Apartment

From complexity to simplicity, from simplicity to slow pace living for the travelers, exactly the kind of spirit and soul enjoyment that Taipei Main Station Branch want to bring you.

林森館 / Linsen /

Meaningful rose To welcome the moment of bloom on your journey

The Linsen Branch of Rose Boutique Hotel, with the design concept of the illusionary color rose of variety, has provided a thriving living experience.

新生館 / Xinsheng /

Xinsheng Branch once step into the Lobby, you’ll know it’s a good hotel

Rose Boutique Hotel” is a hotel style apartment of long term rental, location of the environment hides within the lane and alley, which shows its charm and uniqueness even more; once when you leave the quiet lane, what’s outside, is a totally different scene, commercial district of the MRT and department store with crowds of people…all within your sight, the central location with different sites extend in all direction, no matter you are going for business consulting, shopping, or touring, are all very convenient.

雙城館 / Shuangcheng /

溫馨玫瑰 猶如家的歸處